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Pokemon Go players, Scan QR codes to get new friends in seconds.

No login is required. Swap your Pokemon Go friend codes! Or find your personal trainer code in the Pokemon Go game and enter it in the form and submit.

What are Pokémon Go friends codes?

Pokémon Go introduced an ability to add friends to make game play more social and fun. To connect to other players you will need to find a unique players code in the Pokémon Go game.

Why would I want to connect to other players?

As you send gifts, raid together, battle gyms and trade pokemon. This will increase your Friendship Level and unlock extra bonuses.

How do I find players for all around the world?

People started sharing trainer codes online. Here are some of the ways you can find pokemon codes: On this side, we collect trainer codes to make it easy to find trainer codes. Codes are updating frequently, and you can see 20 at a time.

How do I share my trainer code?

Sharing your friend code is simple. Find your personal friendcode in the game and enter your code in the form and submit. It's that simple! You can come back and bump your code to the top of the list.

  1. In the Map View, navigate to your Trainer Profile
  2. Tap to the Friends tab at the top of the screen to open Friends List.
  3. Tap to the Add Friend and tap COPY MY TRAINER CODE and paste it into this website.

How do I add Pokémon Go friends?

To add a Pokemon Go trainer as your friend, their 12-digit Pokemon Go Trainer code or is required.
  1. To add a new friend, in Pokemon Go game, go to Friends section.
  2. Then select Add Friend and enter 12-digit Pokemon Go Friend Code.
  3. If you have the QR Code already, select QR Code and scan the Pokemon Go QR code with your camera.
When you add a new friend, it will not be immediately availabe, but only after trainer approves your friend request.

Can I scan Pokémon Go QR Code?

Yes, you can click on button to display QR code. Or if you are on mobile device, you can click button to copy code into the browser, switch to Pokémon Go and paste the code.

How do I know that codes on this site are fresh?

We display most recent 20 Pokemon Go friend codes only. If you would like to bump your code on top of the list you can resubmit it.